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Twitter Discovery / Design / Strategy

Twitter Discovery / Design / Strategy

Twitter is the world’s public square, built on the principles of openness and free speech. We’re all for the First Amendment at Swell, but what a sticky wicket free speech is when it comes to getting a handle on noise and abuse. Swell was brought in to help Twitter increase transparency, educate Twitter users on existing safety tools, and get the word out that Twitter takes hate speech and safety seriously.


We subscribe to the Margaret Mead principal: What people say, what people do, and what they say they do are entirely different things. Because of this we made one of our core philosophies to ask simple questions. During our work with Twitter, we interviewed countless product leads, the good folks from the Trust and Safety Team, UX and graphic designers and geeky engineers to find the most compelling and effective way to tell this safety story.


Sometimes people over-communicate. We say choose your words carefully and make them count. So we streamlined Twitter’s existing safety explainers into one page that cleanly, concisely broke down the holy trinity of safety tools: Mute, Block and Report. Can I get an amen?!


Some of Twitter’s harshest critics are its biggest fans. We developed a strategy to put new tools in the hands of safety advocates and get the community to buy in and take control of the platform. Turns out our timing couldn’t have been better.