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SEIU Design / Website Build / Content Creation

SEIU Design / Website Build / Content Creation

SEIU 2015 is the largest labor union in the nation and a strong advocate of social justice issues like raising the minimum wage, equal pay and immigrant rights. It’s thanks in part to SEIU’s provisional president, Laphonza Butler, that California now has a historic $15 minimum wage. An organization this large and influential should be a household name. Toward that end, Swell helped launch the new SEIU 2015, coordinating messaging to speak with a single voice and help fulfill the union’s mission of serving both members and the public good.


For SEIU 2015’s new digital home, our challenge was to design and build a site that was simple to use and easy to understand, yet capable of serving all of the union’s needs. We threaded that needle with a minimal and clean design, intelligent navigation and a layout that elegantly balances advocacy with member service.


Representing home care and nursing home workers in 49 counties presents a challenge: How do you merge the independent messaging of legacy locals without compromising value and relevance? By listening, then writing. Swell helped SEIU 2015 streamline its communications process and strategy to speak clearly to its 315,000 members and the many communities it serves.


Part of what we love about SEIU 2015 is its big picture approach and desire to improve the lives of all Californians. We aimed to clarify that mission while educating the public about home care workers, their value and the power of a union. We put a special emphasis on member stories to push past the wonkery of state budgets and time sheets and put a human face to the vital work of home health care providers.