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Saving the West Design / Website Build / Content Creation

Saving the West Design / Website Build / Content Creation

Where have all the cowboys gone? No, but seriously. The West is being turned into condos and strip malls at a rate of 6,000 acres a day. With it goes the romantic culture and spirit that helps define our national character. And also clean air and water, which are kind of important if we’re going to keep the West, and the planet, habitable in the coming centuries. Swell was engaged to find a way to bridge the divide between urbanites, ranchers, conservationists and consumers, and drive a campaign to save the West.


We created a dynamic, content-driven website with a streamlined user experience, snappy filtering, a clean photo-focused layout, and the flexibility to roll out a robust and winning social action campaign.


Our content strategy revolves around gorgeous images, news aggregation, and substantive features that have created a community of interested and concerned citizens. Our content, both informative and action-oriented, has led to high engagement and reader retention.


Getting a new site and brand off the ground takes more than hot photos and smart headlines. With a modest investment, we’ve turned Saving the West into the fastest growing environmental blog on the internet, averaging more than 15,000 unique website views per week and a reach of 2 million social impressions per month.