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Raise the Minimum Wage

Raise the Minimum Wage

Los Angeles isn’t the first city to increase its minimum wage to $15 an hour, but it is by far the largest with more than twice the population of San Francisco and Seattle combined. As a result of the Raise The Wage campaign, 800,000 low-income Angelenos will get a $5.9 billion raise, putting LA way out in front of the national debate. Here’s how Swell, along with some amazing partners, organizers, and thought-leaders, made history.


Swell developed the brand and a 360 degree user experience that included web, email, online and offline messaging, online ads and social media—all in an effort to educate the public, and convert supporters into advocates and advocates into evangelists. Our blogs, “worker hero” stories and live coverage of public hearings put a human face on an issue typically represented by a jumble of numbers, stats and shallow economic arguments.


In just four months our coordinated strategy helped grow a hard-core community of more than 100,000 Angelenos. Working with our on-the-ground partners, we launched a field-to-digital program to convert the newly registered supporters gathered door-to-door into social media validators and campaign advocates.


This campaign was all about community-building and engagement and we were the digital engine helping to connect all the pieces—field teams, grassroots organizing, and big public rallies. Campaigns like Raise The Wage are where we thrive — a big opportunity, lots of risk, and complexity that can only be solved with true creativity and hard work. The result is a victory that made headlines across the globe. From the New York Times and the front page of the Huffington Post, to the New Yorker and the Guardian.